Website Terms of Use

This document contains the terms of use (“Terms”) for the website (“Website”) of Ameritox, Ltd. (“Ameritox”).

1. Scope of Terms; Agreement to Terms; Changes. These Terms apply to the Website which may be found Ameritox reserves the right to maintain other websites governed by other terms of use. Ameritox reserves the right to change these Terms at any time, without advance notice. All those accessing and using this Website shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to these Terms.

2. Access and Use. The Website is provided for use by Ameritox’s customers, employees, suppliers and business partners (“Users”) solely in order to assist them in their business dealings with Ameritox. All other uses are strictly prohibited. Some portions of the Website may be restrict access and/or use to certain persons or classes of persons and may require the entry of a User name and password. It is a violation of these Terms for persons who are not Users to access and/or use the Website, or, for Users who are not authorized to access portions of the Website to do so.

3. Posting Content; Offensive Content. Ameritox takes reasonable precautions to ensure that information posted on the Website does not contain information that Users would find vulgar, obscene, offensive or defamatory. Users are prohibited from posting information on the Website without the prior, written permission of Ameritox and shall indemnify Ameritox for any damages that it sustains as a result of any information posted by any such User. Users may not use the Website (including associated e-mail facilities) to disseminate vulgar, obscene, offensive or defamatory material or provide the confidential information of Ameritox to third parties.

4. Links to Other Website. The Website may provide (hyper)links to Websites of third parties (“Linked Sites”) over which Ameritox has no control. Users should consult the privacy policies and terms of use of these Linked Sites before providing personally identifiable information (“PID”) or other information requested by these Websites. Ameritox does not recommend or endorse any product or service that may be described or offered on any Linked Site. Linked Sites may require Users to register, subscribe or pay fees as a condition to access. Access and use of such Linked Sites are governed by their own terms of use.

5. Accuracy of Information; Disclaimer of Warranties. Ameritox cannot warrant that all information posted on the Website or on any of the Linked Sites is accurate. Users should verify all information before acting thereupon. ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED BY AMERITOX IS PROVIDED AS IS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND. ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED. Nothing provided in the Website constitutes an offer by Ameritox or acceptance of offers made by Users. THESE ARE FUNDAMENTAL TERMS AND USERS ACKNOWLEDGE THAT AMERITOX WOULD NOT PROVIDE ACCESS TO USERS WHO DO NOT AGREE TO SUCH FUNDAMENTAL TERMS.

6. Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Rights. Ameritox owns all content posted on the Website and claims copyrights in all information posted in the Website as well as in all information that can be downloaded from the Website including product specifications, information sheets, manuals and instructions. Ameritox also owns or has licensed the trademarks, service marks and trade names displayed on the Website (unless otherwise noted) and has registered many of these in the United States. Further, Ameritox may hold certain patents, design and industrial property rights in other intellectual property displayed or described on the Website. Nothing contained in the Website is to be construed as a license to any of the intellectual property of Ameritox or permission to reprint, republish or otherwise disseminate the intellectual property of Ameritox.

7. Privacy Statement. Most portions of the Website can be accessed by Users without requiring Users to provide their personally identifiable information (“PID”). There may be instances when the Website requests Users to provide PID or even requires Users to provide PID in order to access certain information. Ameritox’s Privacy Policy and Privacy Practices related to services offered by Ameritox are set forth separately in the Website. Users who wish to lodge complaints concerning Ameritox’ use of PID should contact Ameritox using the “Contact Information” provided herein.

8. Security. Ameritox has adopted procedures to protect PID from unauthorized use or disclosure. Users who wish to lodge complaints concerning Ameritox’ security procedures should contact Ameritox using the “Contact Information” provided herein.

9. “Cookies” and IP Addresses. Ameritox reserves the right to collect and use “cookies” in connection with the Website to analyze traffic on the Website and improve their utility and performance. Users may set their browsers to refuse “cookies” but such settings may adversely affect the ability of Users to access portions of the Website. Similarly, Ameritox may collect the IP addresses of Users and reserves the right to use such information to identify statistics, trends and preferences of Users.

10. Violations of Terms. Ameritox reserves the right to bar Users who violate these Terms from further access to and/or use of the Website. Ameritox further reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against those who violate these Terms and to discipline Users who are employed by Ameritox.

11. Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations. Ameritox believes that the Website complies with the laws, rules and regulations of most countries around the world. Ameritox reserves the right, however, to block Users from accessing the Website in the event that such access would, in the sole opinion of Ameritox, subject Ameritox to any liability to any jurisdiction, entity or person. Users acknowledge that Ameritox offers its services only in those jurisdictions where it is licensed to do so.

12. Miscellaneous. These terms shall be governed by the laws of the United States and the State of Maryland (except as to conflicts of laws). The state and federal courts located in Baltimore, Maryland shall have exclusive jurisdiction over suits brought against Ameritox.

Contact. Questions, problems or complaints regarding the Website may be mailed or e-mailed to Ameritox as follows:

US Headquarters:
300 E Lombard St
Suite 1610
Baltimore, MD 21201
Attn: IT Director


Ameritox contacts individuals who have requested our information. Ameritox collects information about its clients such as email address and zip code when you register to receive more information from us. We use this information for our own purposes only. We don’t sell or exchange your information.

We take appropriate measures to protect your information from unauthorized access. Only employees who need any of your personal information to provide specific Ameritox services will have access.

This policy may change any time at Ameritox’s discretion. Any changes to our policy will be posted on this page. This policy was revised December 4, 2009.