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The Importance of Taking Your Medicine
Dealing with a serious mental or emotional illness can be hard. Taking the medicines your doctor gives you can make a big difference in how you feel. If you have any problems with your medicine, talk to your doctor right away so he or she can make sure it’s the right medicine for you.

A simple lab test can help your doctor monitor your medication and help keep you on track with your treatment.

Why Is Medication Monitoring Important?

In addition to other tools, your doctor can use medication monitoring, along with your input, to make sure your medicine is helping you feel better with fewer side effects.
Medication monitoring can also help your doctor make sure your medicine isn’t affected by other medicines you may be taking.


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How Does Medication Monitoring Work?

The test is simple and doesn’t require taking blood.

  • You give a sample of your urine using a bathroom at the doctor’s clinic
  • Your sample is sent to a lab where it is tested
  • Results are sent to your doctor

With your results, your doctor can:

  • Help keep you on track with your treatment
  • See if other medicines or drugs are in your body that could cause the medicine to not work correctly or cause harmful side effects

Who Sees Medication Monitoring Test Results?

All tests are kept completely confidential — they are only given to your doctor or disclosed in accordance with laws governing patient confidentiality. Your doctor will use those results to:

  • Talk to you about the medicines you are taking
  • Consider any changes to help keep you safe and healthy

With your doctor’s expertise, and your input, medication monitoring can help:

  • Make sure your medicine is not interacting with other medicines you’re taking
  • Make sure you’re getting the most out of your treatment

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