What is Medication Monitoring?

Ingenuity Health developed a simple, noninvasive urine drug monitoring test for antipsychotic medications, giving clinicians a more objective means to help assess whether their patients are taking these important medications.

By requesting periodic urine samples from patients during scheduled visits, clinicians have a means to objectively evaluate medication use. With urine drug monitoring, physicians and other healthcare professionals can have greater confidence assessing the clinical impact of prescribed antipsychotic medication, helping physicians answer the questions:

  • Are patients taking their antipsychotic medications?
  • Are patients using other agents that could impact the effectiveness of their antipsychotic medications?
    • Other controlled or psychoactive medications
    • Illicit drugs
    • Alcohol

Discover why medication monitoring is important to help with patient adherence and learn more about partnering with Ingenuity Health and integrating medication monitoring into your treatment regimen.